Facebook says apple did not allow app store tax reporting

Facebook claims that Apple has removed a note informing users paying for an online event on iOS that a 30% tax on the App Store is mandatory, Reuters reported.

In announcing its new Paid Online Events feature, Facebook adhered to a zero commission policy, allowing small businesses and creators to keep 100% of the income they generate unless the user pays through the iOS app. There, due to Apple’s mandatory tax on in-app purchases, the social network announced that it plans to tag online event ticket purchases with a message: Apple takes 30% of this purchase. Note for Android says Facebook does not charge a commission on this purchase.@ the best payment gateway doesn’t worry about online payments.

However, Apple reportedly refused to approve of this action and forced Facebook to abandon it in order for the app update to pass the iPhone manufacturer’s review. On the web and on its Android app, Facebook does not charge any fees for paid online events for at least the next year.

Facebook reports that Apple has cited an App Store rule that prevents developers from displaying “irrelevant” information in their apps.

In accordance with section 2.3.10 of the Apple App Store Guidelines, developers prohibit developers from including irrelevant information, including but not limited to information about Apple or the development process.

Now more than ever, we need to be able to help people understand where the money they intend for small businesses is actually going to go, a Facebook spokesman said in a statement to Digital Trends. Unfortunately, Apple rejected our transparency notice regarding their 30% tax, but we are still working to make this information available within the app.

We’ve reached out to Apple for confirmation and will update the story when we get a response.

Earlier this month, when Facebook gave businesses the option to charge for online events, the social network also mentioned the draconian Apple App Store policies in its press release. Facebook said Apple has rejected all of its requests for a 30% tax cut on the App Store or allowing the company to offer its internal payment system, Facebook Pay so that it can “cover all the costs of businesses fighting COVID-19.

This is the second time in a month that Facebook is at odds with Apple’s development team. A couple of weeks ago, the social network criticized Apple for abandoning a key component of its latest gaming app.

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